Come and Have Breakfast


Our Gospel reading in the lectionary today begins by explaining how Jesus appeared again and again to His disciples, this time, during a fishing trip. The disciples were gather together, when Peter wanted to go fishing. The others decided to follow him. The fished and fished all night long, and they caught nothing. This reminds me of fishing with my grandparents. There were times when I would catch fish back-to-back, but then there were times when I caught nothing. My experiences was none but frustrating. I can image the same frustration the disciples had, when they had fished all night long and caught nothing. Suddenly, there appeared someone on the shoreline. It may have been early morning, and hard to make out who it was, but when He (Jesus) told the disciples to cast their nets to the right side of the boat–they did. Then, we are told, they couldn’t haul in the amount of fish in the net. Wow! Again, Jesus shows us His amazing power over the elements of the earth; after all, He created it.

The story doesn’t stop there–keep reading. We are then told that Simon Peter recognizes the Lord, and the disciples come to shore to see Him. When they get there, Jesus has fish cooking over a fire and the disciples add a few of the ones they have caught. What an amazing sight! Jesus is cooking breakfast for the disciples. Again, Jesus shows us His an example of what a leader should be–first as servant. Much like the scene where Jesus is washing their feet in the Upper Room, He also shows how to serve when He prepares the disciples breakfast. Perhaps today, we can take away a lesson that we are here to serve one another. In serving one another, we fulfill Jesus’ command to “love one another.” Our lives should reflect and outward love of our fellow neighbors, and not an inner reflection of self. When we serve others, we serve Jesus. The act of service will transform who we are, and transform the world around us in the process. So today, be like Jesus–let us find ways to serve one another, even in small ways.


Jesus, as you once served your disciples, serve us too. Give us a helping of your servant-leader attitude, and help us find ways of serving one another. Send your Spirit among us that, like the fish overflowing in the net, we may win others to you–that your net (the Church) may again overflow. Help us to be attentive to your voice and direction on the shoreline, so that we may serve you by serving others. Amen.


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